My First Mini Milestone

Today I assisted in my first surgery…even writing this I get excited all over again! So recap of the procedure: Excision Cut, Removal of Cyst, Sutures, and Pressure bandaid. Seems pretty easy right? Well while assisting the doctor with these steps, I’m dabbing the area with gauze to soak up blood and at the same time smiling at/conversating with the patient to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. On the outside I am cool, calm, and collected. But on the inside I’m screaming “DONT MESS UP MICAH! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON THIS!”. This may have been a little dramatic, but can you blame me? Once the surgery was completed and I explained the post care instructions a wave of relief and even a little bit of proudness came over me. Now I understand, this wasn’t a major surgery and doctors do numerous procedures just like this every single day. But I must say, I was a little pressed about hitting this mini milestone. I loved interacting with the patients, seeing how sutures are sewn in, and of course.. seeing how big the cyst actually was! I don’t know if it was the actual surgery that got me excited or the fact that doing it solidified my aspirations to want to do this for a living. Whatever it is, I loved it. One surgery down, many more to go!

Micah BrownComment