Find Your Chill

Listen, I understand life gets crazy.  Between balancing school, jobs, a social life and relationships life can easily get the best of you. You work hard everyday to get that much closer to reaching your goals and you deserve to treat yo self! I've had to take this advice almost too frequently this past year. It's so easy for your mind to be consumed by what your next move is, what birthdays are coming up on the calendar, or what test you forgot to study for (This has happened to me before. You know that meme that says 'when you’re in the club and you remember you have a test tomorrow'. Worst feeling ever). But don’t let your selfcare take a back seat.

There’s been so much talk about selfcare on social media nowadays which is great, but its important for YOU to figure out what selfcare means for YOU. For me, it means unplugging, listening to music, + working out. There are so many things that you can do to revitalize your mind, restart, and relax. 


+ s o u l c y c l e

get it right 

get it tight 

Nothing gets the endorphins pumping like some good old fashion cardio. For me, working out makes me feel more refreshed and energized. Soulcycle is the perfect way to shed some calories with the perfect music to fuel you playing in the background. 


+ l u x e  c a n d l e  &  b o d y  o i l  

be resilient 

Create a tranquil and harmonious environment with aroma therapy in the most luxurious form. Light one of these candles or use the solid contents on your pressure points to escape to a place of serenity. This candle will help you to let go of stress and remind yourself that you can overcome all adversity.


+ n e t f l i x 

netflix + chill

This is nothing new, everyone loves Netflix. During your self care time, try something new! Dabbling in a series other than Grey's Anatomy will have you obsessed with something you never thought you'd like. Put on your favorite fuzzy socks, pop some kettle corn, watch netflix...and actually chill. 


+ m a s s a g e

chillhouse nyc

Get a massage, get your nails did, sip on an amazing hot drink, or do all three at Chillhouse in NYC. This cozy and chill go-to spot in new york will have you feeling all types of relaxed and ready to put your best foot forward. Don't live in NYC? No worries. Go online and find a massage place near you to rub out some of the stresses from that last shift or hard exam. 


+ p o e t r y 

milk and honey

A beautiful collection of poetry about experiences of love, life, loss, and femininity. 'Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look'


+  f a c e  m a s k 

rosen skincare

Self care and face masks seem to always be spoken in the same sentence. Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil power up and abolish your blackheads, oily skin and clogged pores. This clean and minimal face mask is going to have your skin smooth and detoxed almost immediately. A mini spa in a jar perfect to wash away all the stresses from the day. 


+ m u s i c 

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