diary entry one | D I S S E C T I N G  C E L L U L I T I S

also known as.

perifolliculitis capitis absedens et suffodiens 

hoffmans disease

let me explain. 

a chronic inflammatory disease that causes inflammation of the scalp. inflammation leads to the formation of nodules which leads to scarring. scarring leads to blocked hair follicles, and blocked hair follicles lead to..yup you guessed it - alopecia (scientific term for hair loss). that's the very watered-down, bland, vanilla with no sprinkles version of dcs. here's the more in-depth version, you ready? dissecting cellulitis or perifolliculitis capitis absedens et suffodiens if you're feeling extra af is a chronic neutrophillic disease that produces scarring alopecia. neutrophillic means 'neutrophil-like". neutrophils are the most abundant type of granulocyte in the human body and directly involved in the innate immune system (whoa this brings back all the mems associated with bio 2, good thing I remember that unit). when the body detects a foreign molecule or an infection, the neutrophil is the first person at the crime scene. they work by ingesting microorganisms and releasing enzymes that also can do their dirty work. this process is essential to life, but can be detrimental if inflammation is constant. Sebaceous and keratinous material within dilated pilosebaceous units accumulates until follicles burst. once the follicle bursts, this is where the neutrophillic reaction comes in and forms an abcess. the numerous painful nodules that develop on the scalp can rupture, ooze, and can cause a secondary bacterial infection. 

sex and racial distribution. 

african american or darker skinned tones are more likely to have dcs. men are more common than women. put two and two together- black men are affected at a higher level than any other group of people. 

can you fix it. 

no methods of treatment or cures is known. there may be things in the works though, y'all know scientists are always inventing and innovating. however, there are ways to lessen symptoms. antibacterial shampoos to decrease the chance of infection is a simple treatment. treatments that reduce inflammation are definitely necessary and effective but still no guaranteed. clobetasol soln, intralesional kenalog injections monthly, oral rifampicin 300 mg and oral clindamycin 300 mg combo have been known to lessen symptoms. isotretinoin or accutane (GASp! yes accutane, it's not the devil) is a common treatment. in willing patients with medically intractable, symptomatic, and cosmetically disfiguring disease, radical surgical resection or, more recently, selective follicular destructing by photothermolysis using laser4 represent the single definitive treatment modalities

what else. 

dissecting cellulitis 1 of 4 conditions of a tetrad known as follicular occlusion tetrad - kind of like your favorite boy band..but not. the other conditions in this group are Hidradenitis suppurativa, pilonidal sinus and acne conglobata. '