about me

As you probably have guessed, my name is Micah. Ever since I was little, I have been intrigued with all things medicine. From grade school till now, I have tried to be proactive in making the necessary strides in order to ensure that my career aspirations soon turn into my reality. Eventhough I'm on my own journey, I think it's so important to sharee your experiences in the hopes that someone else can learn from them..and thats why was created. 

Medically Micah was an idea that came to me one day. After graduating and beginning the dreaded “Adulting” stage, I realized how much of the journey I had to figure out for myself and how far I had come. A lot of what I experience was trial and error. I made mistakes, I put myself out there, but most importantly I learned about myself. This is a place where I can share my experiences with whoever wants to hear. I hope my experiences of trial and error, success, + definitely humor will inspire, educate, and encourage you to be your best self!