Every week, I change my topic of focus. One of the most important tools I use to learn is to watch videos. Attached to each subject are videos + websites that allowed me to conceptually understand important info. Follow along as I continue studying for the MCAT - MM


BIOLOGY PART TWO |The Organ Systems 

This week, I focused on the Organ Systems and the main processes in each that make them special. This included: Excretory System + Kidney Function, Respiratory System + Gas Exchange, Cardiovascular System + Blood Circulation, Lymphatic System, Nervous System + APs, and lastly, Endocrine System + Hormones. I LOVE biology, so studying this week was actually exciting for me. Click below to find out which links I used to further understand these topics.. 


For a lot of people, I know physics is a struggle subject. I spent extra time on this section. One thing I learned through this whole process was that there is no need to rush. If you feel like you need more time, take another week. You’ll be happy you did! Learn about everyones favorite guy Newton, Vectors, Pendulums, and more.. 

OCHEM PART TWO | Chemical Rxns

Hybridization, Resonance, and Reactions were the main focus this week (actually more like week and a couple days). I took a little more time than usual to complete this section simply because I needed the time. There was no reason for me to rush! Id rather take the time to conceptually understand the topic rather than forcing myself to memorize a bunch of meaningless reactions. I used ALOT of videos this week, follow along down below! 

PHYSICS PART TWO | Electricity 

The part two of physics actually went well for me. I spend a lot of time drawing things out and talking through them in addition to the videos. My favorite topic was optics believe it or not! Circuits, Electricity, and Optics in more depth...